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Welcome To Addiction Patch Protocol

Welcome To Genesis Medical Center

Addiction Patch Protocol is a leader and pioneer in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. Addiction is a complex brain disease that requires a science based, comprehensive approach to treat the physical cravings as well as the psychological, emotional, behavioral, and nutritional aspect of the disease. For most patients, we use a subcutaneously placed, compounded, time-released implant of the FDA-approved medication, Naltrexone. With cravings significantly reduced or eliminated (for 6 months or longer in most cases,) our patients are finally able to be productively receptive to the psychological and behavioral aspect of their recovery. Untethered from the intrusive and compulsive urges to drink or use, our patients participate in an intensive and personalized, outpatient, one-on-one counseling/recovery coaching program in a private environment. Recovery will occur within the framework of your own life, while you confront and learn to manage your triggers in real-life, real-time. No lengthy stays in in an artificially sterile and insulated environment. No missed days from work. No missed days from family. No missed days from life.



Thank you Addiction Patch Protocol from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate the help that you have given my wife and I. Addiction Patch Protocol helped to get my wife well again. Without the help from Addiction Patch Protocol I don’t think Daphne and I would be together today.
Addiction Patch Protocol not only stopped Daphne from drinking, but has also helped us as a couple to understand the disease of alcoholism. The life counseling sessions, are very important, because the therapy teaches you how to live sober and teaches you the tools to live alcohol free.
I love how the Addiction Patch Protocol program covers everything. You have the implant first, which takes away the physical cravings, then you have the life therapy sessions, which concentrates on the mental and emotional side of the patients recovery. The Addiction Patch Protocol program helps the addict, but also helps loved ones as well.
Daphne and I have tried other forms of treatment in the past and nothing has been successful, except the F.S.P. program. I would recommend this program to anybody. Great program, keep going forward Addiction Patch Protocol, this program is going to help so many people out there that are suffering from alcoholism.

Jim O’keene

Myname is Chris and I am a patient of the Addiction Patch Protocol Program. I am a Fire Captain in Southern California. I had been drinking for over 25 years. I was in desperate need of a change in my life. My wife moved out and I was on the brink of divorce. I found the Addiction Patch Protocol Program by way of radio. I then went to the website for more information and found that I did not have to go to a 30 day program.

The reason I chose the Addiction Patch Protocol Program was that I didn’t have 30 days leave my job or family. The other reason I chose this program was the overwhelming success rate. It was the best decision that I have ever made. From the moment that I stepped foot in the clinic, the staff was first rate, professional, kind and understanding.

Chris B

Thanks to you guys we have our son Liam back again clean and sober, out of trouble and living at home again. All Shelly talks about is you guys at Addiction Patch Protocol and what a profound effect you had on Liam. We know it’s only early days but it’s been such a long battle with him and him being only 19 years of age its great just to see him so happy with life and sport again. We even took him to a football game last week and had a fantastic time. He never even thought about a drink and I could tell just by his great attitude and the fun he was having. He tells me he just feels free from alcohol and looks forward to getting on with his life.

Anyway thanks for your help and understanding.

John Coleman

Thanks Addiction Patch Protocol for the opportunity to give a testimonial with my experiences with Addiction Patch Protocol. All I can say is I never ever want to go back to the way I was when I was drinking. It’s like the fog has been lifted, and I have clarity for the first time in many years.

My two daughters forgive me, now that I am sober, and that is a wonderful feeling, considering what I must have put them through. Life at times is not easy, but I have the ability now to make sober decisions, thanks to your program. And hopefully with the tools that you have given me, I can stay sober for the rest of my life. (I will do everything in my power to stay sober.

Many, Many thanks, your friend,

Kathleen OKeefe

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Naltrexone Implant

Our program utilizes the FDA-approved medicine, Naltrexone, which significantly reduces the reinforcing effects, euphoric pleasure, and physical cravings associated with drug and alcohol consumption

Recovery Coaching

With the brain liberated from compulsive cravings to drink or use, our patients effectively participate in one-on-one life coaching sessions which will identify and manage triggers, and establish support networks.

Quick Recovery

With SAddiction Patch Protocol’s program you will not miss more than one day at work, or a single day with your family. We put you on the fast track to recovery so that you can live the life you were meant to live!

Revived Hope

Our program enables you to re-establish control by eliminating the overwhelming cravings to drink or use, and providing you with the skills to successfully confront the stressors and triggers of life.

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