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Mission Statement

The Mission of Addiction Patch Protocol is to provide every patient with a committed, comfortable, compassionate, individualized, and science-based treatment of their disease. With a firm dedication to ensure a thoroughly comprehensive recovery program, Addiction Patch Protocol aims to optimize each individual patient’s chance of a healthy, happy, and productive drug and alcohol-free life.

A Few Words About Us

Our Philosophy

-We firmly subscribe to the fact that alcohol and drug addiction is a complex, chronic, multi-factorial disease of the brain that has a psychological, emotional, behavioral, as well as a physical component.

-We thoroughly reject the absurd notion that addicted individuals are simply exhibiting a weakness of spirit or a moral failing

-We understand that alcoholism and drug addiction is a chronic brain disease, and the vast majority of individuals suffering from this disease have never received appropriate and adequate treatment.

-We believe that the highest opportunity for near and long-term sobriety requires a comprehensive medical approach

-We realize that the medical/pharmacologic aspect of recovery (ignored by most conventional treatment centers) is an integral and vital component to eliminate cravings and contribute to a significantly improved chance of success

-We understand that the longer an individual can be relieved of the intense compulsions to drink, the delicate and fragile ecosystem deep in the brain (that has been hijacked and thoroughly disrupted) may repair itself

-We acknowledge that the psychosocial/behavioral/spiritual aspect of addiction absolutely must be addressed, in particular for the long-term success of the recovery

-We are aware that by being unburdened from the overwhelming cravings to use or drink, an individual may more effectively be receptive and focus on their counselors, therapists, coaches, sponsors, and group support meetings.

-We accept the medical research and understand that naltrexone is a very safe and effective medication available to completely eliminate or significantly reduce the cravings to drink.

-We believe that the long lasting naltrexone implant is the most effective formulation available (to eliminate cravings and remove the dangerous variable of compliance) during the incredibly critical first 6 months of recovery.

-We are ardent in our commitment to prevention and rehabilitation.

A Few Words About Us

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